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A better, easier, and smarter way to manage your data. Fortune Performance transforms your practice performance and opportunity data to any device, completely hassle-free, wherever you are.
On Demand
Our proprietary connection to management systems adds a hassle-free resource to your practice that maintains the tasks of reporting.

Mobile & Multi-Location
We can connect all your data into our cloud-based platform and make it easily accessible with your favorite web browser and fully responsive on tablets and smart phones.

Real Time
Receive automatic delivery and management of your data to provide a more accurate view of your practice.

Metrics That Matter
We provide access to detailed data created and designed by industry experts for practice insight and team focus.

INDEX BOARD | Practice Performance
Introducing the Fortune Performance Index, a new form of dental practice intelligence featuring 12 dynamic squares that provide an overview of your practice performance to monitor trends of your practice.

ANALYTICS BOARD | Practice Numbers
Our Analytics Board goes way beyond the basics of a day sheet or month end report. We use expert statistics and design which show you “the number” so you can “know your numbers”. It’s time to say goodbye to manually generated reports that are outdated the moment they are printed.

INDEX BOARD | Practice Performance
Fortune Performance automatically organizes all broken appointments of record. We combine multiple sections of practice management software into our unique and dynamic platform. We take all production and patient re-activation opportunities to the next level!
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