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Fortune Management Mid-South

Fortune Management Mid-South was founded in 1989 as a subsidiary of Fortune Practice Management. As a practicing dentist for more than 20 years, co-founder and chairman Dr. Paul Bass, quickly realized the lack of business management education in dental school and post-graduate training. He and a few of his colleagues formed a study club to learn, discuss, and refine business management systems in their dental practices. A short time later, they began teaching those business systems and management philosophies to dentists across North America. An advocate of personal and professional development, Dr. Bass sought out renowned personal and professional coach, Anthony Robbins. The two realized that their visions for helping others overcome self-inflicted barriers were one in the same. They formed a partnership combining successful business management systems and coaching. This partnership later became known as Fortune Practice Management.

Fortune Management is the nation's largest and most comprehensive practice management organization. Supporting virtually every vertical healthcare, Fortune offers the most comprehensive post-graduate training program for healthcare professionals. Our executive coaches are among the most sought after practice management specialists in the industry. They will guide you and your team through he intricate details of practice ownership, team leadership, business management, and entrepreneurial success. From startup to transition, whether you're in a rural market or a major metropolitan area, if you're insurance or driven or fee for service, our expert coaches and training curriculum will provide you the resources you and your team need to succeed.

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